The Connection accepts memberships year-round.   The membership year is the calendar year.  Dues are paid annually and are $20 for the calendar year.  For more information,  contact either our President, Karen McCallister on (925)300-3263 or our Membership Director, Mary Kelley on ((925)954-7718.  If interested in joining the Membership Form is on the page labeled, 'JOIN'.

The Connection is a club open to Rossmoor women of all ages. We are organized to help members connect and make new friends through shared interests. Our special interest groups include bridge groups, a book club, a cocktails and conversation group, and writing, out-to-dinner, crafting, movies, and theater groups. If we do not have a group that meets your needs, we will help you find other members to share your interest and start a new group.

With over 200 members, there are plenty of opportunities to connect. We have a monthly meeting with a program of interest and time to socialize and sign up for upcoming activities. And we conduct several catered or pot-luck dinners during the year. We also have a regular connection through our monthly newsletter.

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This is a 2015 interview with Joan Marx, a founder of CONNECTION

Joan moved with her husband from New York to Rossmoor in 1988 to be closer to her grandchildren in Piedmont. She felt her neighbors were unfriendly and that she was not making any "connection" with anyone she met.  She wanted to meet other ladies who would like to walk, bicycle and attend movies.  Although she was an avid golfer, that was not enough.  She talked to Nancy Nordstrum, with the Rossmoor Department of Community Affairs, and was told there was another lady, Phyllis Wilson, who was thinking along similar lines.

As no existing Rossmoor Club met their needs, the two ladies started talking to others to see who might be interested in forming a new club.  They put a notice in the Rossmoor News announcing an organizational meeting and were amazed when 25 ladies arrived.  After discussion, they named their new club "The Connection" and chatted about how the club would be organized.

The second meeting drew even more interest.  Nancy Nordstrum appointed Phyllis Wilson as the first president and Joan Marx as the secretary/publicist, as well as naming other positions.  Although at first there was an age limit (70 years), this proved to be a liability so was removed from the initial bylaws.  The club met evenings and served mostly as a way to get acquainted - no programs, but chit-chat and refreshments.  There was about an equal number of married and single women.

The first activities, in addition to walking, bicycling and attending movies, included a book review club, a fashion show and potluck dinners to which husbands and children were invited.  One event that Joan remembers fondly was a chocolate cake festival where everyone brought her favorite recipe - it was a lot of fun.  An afternoon wine and cheese event, which included husbands was also very successful.

About 2009, the club was about to disband due to a lack of willing participants for board positions.  Judy Lash, a newcomer to Rossmoor, and Joan were not willing to let this happen, and became co-presidents.  Their enthusiasm brought in more interest and the club continued to flourish. 

Although it is more difficult for Joan to move about these days, she still attends the dining out group.  She is also a long-time member of "The Great Courses", a group that watches DVDs on many different topics and then discussed the issues.  Joan is still young at heart.  Thank you, Joan, for giving us a glimpse of our Connection history.