1 - The Dining Out Group generally goes to dinner once a month on the third Thursday.

The Dining Out group will be dining at Casa Orinda Restaurant in Orinda on Thursday, April 18. The restaurant is located at 20 Bryant Way in Orinda. The reservation is set for 5:30pm.

Casa Orinda has been serving the finest Western and Italian food in the area for 84 years. They are famous for their fried chicken, prime rib, and classic Italian pasta, chicken and veal dishes. Everything is made from scratch using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients

Complimentary valet parking is available.

Separate checks WILL NOT be provided. You will be given an index card to tally your purchases. Bring cash to pay your bill.


Carpools will leave the Gateway parking lot nearest the corner of Tice CreekDrive and Golden Rain Road at 5:00pm.

Contact Mary Kelley to make a reservation at 925-954-7778 or

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2 - The International Dining Group goes to dinner once a month on the fourth Wednesday.

For April we will try Nouveau Russe. If you never happened to try French and Russian cuisines, this is your chance. Try the mouth-watering beef stroganoff, chicken Kiev and beet salads. The chef at Babushka Russian Restaurant incorporates his French training when making his childhood favorites. He cooks tasty honey cakes, chocolate cakes and chocolate mousse. Good port wine or delicious beer will make your meal even more delicious and you’ll certainly come back. And that is what our dining out group is doing. We were herelast year and everyone liked it so much we are going back.

We have reservations at Babushka, 1475 Newell Ave., Walnut Creek, on April 24th for 5:30pm. We will car pool from the corner of the Gateway parking lot leaving at 5:00pm.

For Reservations call or email Karen McCallister or (925)-300-3263.