Many of our members over the years have connected through their love of reading. Listed below are our book groups.  Contact either Vickie Stanley on 938-3894 or Pat VanOss on 278-1992, the Group Activities Directors, for more information.  They are currently organizing new groups.

Organizing meetings have been held for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon groups. Organizing meetings will be held for book groups for Wednesday and Friday in the coming months. We have names for possible morning book groups and will arrange an organizing meeting for those people in coming months. When each of you is contacted, please be sure to RSVP your continued interest/attendance. We will work during the summer to facilitate the formation of additional new group.  Here are a few new groups plus an existing:

A Second Monday Group has been formed and they meet in the Echo Room at the Event Center.  The contact is Alice Gavin on (508)222-1011 for more details.

A Fourth Tuesday Group has been formed and they meet in member's homes.  The contact is Terry Solomon on (925)548-2389.

An existing group is listed below.


The 4th Wednesday Afternoon Book Club is full at this time.They meet from 3 to 5 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday in members' homes.  Contact person for this group is Nancy Donaldson-White on 932-8108.

If you love to read and talk about books and would like to join a new group, please contact  Pat Van Oss on (925)278-1992.  We are currently organizing new groups.