The Connection was formed, in part, to connect women of similar interests. To this end, if you are a member and are interested in an activity that we do not support, please contact us. We will publicize the activity and assist in forming a new group if enough members show interest.

Fourteen Connection members have expressed interest in forming a mahjong group. Contact us if you would like to join the mahjong players.

Several members have indicated an interest in forming a new afternoon book group. If you would like to share your love of books with them, call the New Activities Director listed in the Membership Directory. When there are enough to form a club, she will hold an organizational meeting to decide the details.

There are currently members interested in forming the new activity groups listed below. Any new group requires a member who is willing to organize the group. If you are interested in any of these activities and would be willing to help organize the group, please contact us.

  • Sunday Brunch

  • Ballet performances

  • Backgammon

  • Autobiographies