The Let's Write group meets at 10:00 a.m. and ends no later than noon on the second Friday of the month to keep their writing skills fresh with warm up exercises, suggested topics, and support for each other's efforts. 

Our meeting begins with general conversation and then moves on to a writing activity or lesson, which helps us improve our writing.  At about 10:15 am we look over some writing prompts, which are usually memoir in nature.  No one is committed to using the prompts and we write individually for about an hour.  We then share our writing, although one may choose not to share.  As we share, members of the group make positive comments, ask questions or identify "golden phrases".

There is no homework, no one is a professional writer, and we encourage each other.

 For more information, please contact either Margaret Bowen on 926-0403 or Linda Kelp on (415) 562-6382.  We welcome inquiries from those who would wish to join us.